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When Does My House Need A New Roof?

When is the right time for a new roof?

Most homeowners notice a leak in their ceiling and decide that they need a new roof. However, a leak could be the results of many different factors. Fortunately, there are distinct signs that indicate the need for a full roof replacement. We offer new roof installation all year long.

Signs indicating you need to replace your roof

As a homeowner, all maintenance costs are your responsibility. The roof is a significant feature of your home that may require replacement. This can be costly, so it is essential to understand if you need a new roof or if minor repairs can be done.
  • Roof is 20 years old or more – the average roof last 18 years in Massachusetts
  • Shingles buckling and curling 
  • Dark streaks on your roof 
  • Cracked or missing shingles 
  • Chimney flashing 
  • Daylight showing through roof boards 
  • Shingle granules in gutters 
  • Bald spots on your roof  
  • Water damage or leaking areas 
  • Recent storms in your area 
  • Neighbors are getting new roofs 

Benefits of a roof inspection

You should perform a visual inspection of the exterior of your home’s roof a few times a year. Looking for cracked, missing, loose or torn shingles. Make sure to check shingles around chimneys and vents as well. 

If you see any of these problems give us a call at 774-245-6455 and get your free quote. We would love the opportunity to inspect your roof and help you resolve any potential issues that could result in costly repairs.