Common Roof Problems During Summer

Is My Roof Safe During Summer?

During summer, we’re all so busy working or enjoying the time with our family that we don’t even realize that our house also needs care an attention.

Being Roofers for almost 35 years, I can tell you we’ve seen a lot. Most of the problems with roof or siding, is because of the hot weather, and we’re here to show you the most commons ones.

1- Cracked Shingles

During summertime, you roof will be exposed to high temperatures and blistering sun rays, which can result in dried out and cracked shingles. In very serious cases, the shingles can detach of your roof and fall completely, and that can cause structural damage and leaks issues later-on.

2- Moss growth

Although it does not seem alarming, moss growth can cause serious problems to your roof. When it spreads, it can go between every shingle, and once it’s all affected by it it can cause a lot of damage.

3- Summer Storm Damage

If your shingles are a little old or the roofer who did it didn’t use enough nails, a simple wind of a Summer Storm can blow everything out. The only way to prevent that is having an Inspection and asking specifically to look at your Roof and see if everything is normal.

4- Moisture Build-Up

The increased moisture levels and high temperatures of summer mean that the air inside your home will quickly become muggy, which can result in a moisture build up in your attic if there isn’t proper ventilation. Unfortunately, trapped water droplets can weaken your roof and take years off of its lifespan. Later on, this moisture can cause damage to the wood under your roof, resulting in expensive structural damage.

Fortunately, we’re on this business for more than 30 years, and we can definitely help you with any issues with your roof!

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