How to check if your HVAC unit is bad?

Is Checking My HVAC Unit Necessary?

The issue is not that homeowners want to put off repairs, but that they don’t know how to recognize the signals for maintenance.

Recognizing when to call for HVAC repair isn’t common knowledge.

Most homeowners wait until their HVAC unit stops working to give it the attention it needs. This can mean going days without air conditioning and, even worse, a higher repair bill than regular maintenance would cost.

Follow the list we’ve made with common warning signs that indicates it’s time to get HVAC repairs done:

  Your Unit Doesn’t Cool or Heat Well.

That does not mean you need an emergency repair, but you should schedule an annual maintenance appointment to prevent more serious problems afterwards.

 Noises when the System turns on.

Have you heard a rattling or grinding noise when your HVAC system turns on? If the sound is coming from inside the unit and not from outside, it’s time to schedule maintenance immediately.

 Dirty Air Ducts.

If you see dirt and dust near your home’s air ducts, this could mean they’re clogged. We recommend to not clean it by yourself, because if you don’t clean it properly, it could lead to serious problems later on.

 Strong Odor near your unit.

This could be caused by an accumulation of mold, dirt, and bacteria. If not dealt with right away, these particles could lead to serious health problems.

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