Did you know that, In Massachusetts April is with an average rainfall of 3.78 inches?  While that doesn’t sound like a lot of rain, keep in mind that three of the driest months in this area are December, January and February with an average rainfall of 1.99 inches. Your roof has been subjected to three of the coldest and driest months of the year and will cause it to become dry and brittle.  Now along comes April, with driving rainstorms and heavy rains which your roof may not be prepared to handle.  Is your roof ready?  Will your roof keep you, your family, your business, and your most valuable assets dry through the potential storms that are headed our way?  Winter cold and dryness can cause serious roof issues, as well as debris from fall leaves, limbs clogging valleys or sitting behind fireplaces just waiting to dam up the flow of rain that falls with the April showers and storms.  Wildlife, such as squirrels and raccoons are cute, but they look for the warmth of an attic during the cold weather.  Your home or business may become home to unwanted wildlife that now thinks your home is their home.
How do you know if your roof is April ready?  
Look for granules washing out of your guttering downspouts. 
Granules are loosened from the asphalt drying out, which are released and washed away by the rain.  
Look for loose or missing shingles. 
As a roof ages the self-sealing asphalt that holds the shingles down begins to weaken. This may cause the shingles to be blown up and away by windstorms.  
Is there a compost pile of debris in the valleys or behind chimneys and dormers? 
Leaves and debris from fall build up that are not washed away because of a lack of rain. This debris now poses potential water damming issues on your roof.  
Look for low, overhanging limbs from trees that may be scraping or damaging your roof.  
Inspect your attic to see if there are any signs of varmint’s inhabiting. 
Act right now, if you see any of these signs give us a call at 774-245-6455. We would love the opportunity to inspect your roof before the April showers and help you resolve any potential issues that could result in costly repairs.