Big Yes! Even the best roof won’t continue being the best through severe weather if it’s not properly maintained. This is where regular inspections and preventative maintenance come in. Part of selling a customer on a new roofing system is also convincing them of the importance of regular maintenance. Some may question the need for annual or semi-annual inspections and maintenance, arguing that they’re paying plenty for a high-quality roof and shouldn’t have to pay more. But just like the human body or an automobile, a roof will function best over time with the appropriate attention to detail, as what starts as a small problem can quickly turn into a much larger one. A roof with even minor wear and tear, unaddressed over time, won’t stand up well to severe weather or even the temperature fluctuations it sees through a particular season. A well-maintained roof will do a far better job of that over time. It’s simply the smartest practice: A preventative maintenance plan helps the customer safeguard the considerable investment of a commercial roof. 
On the roofing contractor’s end of things, inspections and maintenance should always be careful and thorough. As you would in planning for a roofing project, consider the roof’s usage and ask questions. Has anything changed? What does the future look like for the roof? Examine all elements of the roof and address accordingly. Then, when severe weather does strike, your customer’s roof will be ready.
Preventative maintenance, of course, doesn’t guarantee that a wild weather event won’t damage a commercial roof. Regular maintenance will, however, ensure that a roof’s pre-existing issues don’t contribute to that damage.  
You never know what Mother Nature will throw at a roof, particularly in regions that see all the extremes. But proper planning, products, and preventative maintenance can help a good roofing contractor provide customers with the best results possible over time.

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