When you construct a house, the roofing is one of the significant decisions for making. Full of technical terminology and various services, roofing can appear to be endlessly complex. We at Millersproroofing understand the intricacies and also customer priorities to offer you the best roofing solutions. One of our best roofing options is asphalt roofing. Know the niceties of asphalt roofing in detail to decide for the best roofing for your dream home. We are happy to share our knowledge of roofing here.
Why quality matters?
We believe quality is the single most factor that differentiates average roofing from a great one. When you settle for a quick fix, the result may not be satisfactory for you or your building long term. Thus we place all our roofing expertise to plan and execute roofing solutions that genuinely excel.
To us, roofing is more than just service. It is about providing our clients shelters. Every day we receive hundreds of inquiries for roofing, to which we respond with utmost diligence. We also offer the most sustainable and cost-effective roofing solutions as per the requirements of the individual client. Our services are customized for every client.
The pros of asphalt roofing
Years of experience have tough us that asphalt roofing is one of the most common roofing solutions. Several customers prefer it for several benefits. We want to share some of its services, as listed below.
1. Asphalt roofing is affordable- Cost affordability is one of the main reasons people opt for asphalt roofing. If the roofing is done correctly, the asphalt roofing should last for 12 to 17 years. This is quite a life expectancy as compared to the cost of the roofing.
2. Effective- We provide asphalt roofing that is long-lasting and gives adequate protection. As compared with its low price, it is preferred for the kind of effective protection it is delivered.
3. Variety of colors and styles- We provide asphalt roofing in many colors and styles. This is also one of the reasons customers love them. We provide a wide range of asphalt roofing as suited to the building architecture.
a. We also provide architectural shingles that are priced slightly higher than the ordinary ones. They are generally more sophisticated and may even have various patterns and different tones.
4. Easy installation- Asphalt roofing also enjoys the reputation of easy installation. We have a team of engineers who work out all the intricacies for each building project, and installation requires significantly less time. You can completely trust on us as we work on your roof replacements.
Types of Asphalt roofing
If your roof is failing, you may rush to find out the right type of asphalt roofing. While it is not always easy to find out the right type, a good contractor can give you useful inputs. But they must like to those shingles and be assured of their quality before actually installing them.
The three types of asphalt shingles – All these types of shingles are made of similar materials, but they have subtle differences.
• Three-tab shingles- They are the most common type of asphalt roofing. They are made of fiberglass basement coated with granules of minerals. They are lightweight.
• Dimensional Asphalt Shingles- These shingles are very durable. They have multi-dimensional texture and appearance. These are also a very popular choice for roofing. They look stylish and can match any exteriors.
• Luxury Asphalt shingles- We also provide luxury asphalt shingles. They are known for their dimensional appearance, maximum durability and may replicate natural slate.
So, you can now select the best type of asphalt roofing for your house.
Have questions to help on your decision? Call at 774-245-6455. We would love the opportunity to inspect your roof and help you resolve any potential issues that could result in costly repairs.