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Is step flashing required to be replace on siding?


Step flashing is commonly used in roofing and siding installations to ensure that water is properly directed away from vulnerable areas such as roof-to-wall junctions, sidewall intersections, and around features like chimneys and skylights. In many cases, step flashing is installed behind the siding to provide a watertight barrier and prevent water infiltration.

If step flashing becomes damaged, corroded, or ineffective over time, it may need to be replaced to maintain the integrity of the siding installation and protect against water damage. Here are some considerations regarding the replacement of step flashing in siding installations:

1. Inspection

Regularly inspect the step flashing as part of routine maintenance to assess its condition. Look for signs of damage, rust, or deterioration that may compromise its effectiveness.

2. Water leakage

If you notice water infiltration or moisture issues around areas where step flashing is installed, it could indicate a problem with the flashing. In such cases, it’s important to investigate and address the source of the water intrusion, which may involve inspecting and potentially replacing the step flashing.

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3. Renovation or repair

When undertaking siding renovations, repairs, or replacements, it may be necessary to also assess the condition of the existing step flashing. If the siding is being replaced, it’s prudent to evaluate the state of the flashing and replace it if needed to ensure proper water management.

4. Professional assessment

If you’re uncertain about the condition of the step flashing or its performance, consider consulting with a qualified contractor or building professional. They can provide insight into whether replacement is necessary and can perform the replacement if needed.

In summary, while step flashing behind siding is not always the most visible component of a siding installation, its role in preventing water infiltration is crucial. Regular inspection and maintenance, along with timely replacement when necessary, can help maintain the effectiveness of step flashing and protect the integrity of the siding installation.

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